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About En Carta

Located in the heart of Paris, born out of a passion for synthetic biology

and a dream to break the barriers in equal healthcare access,

En Carta employs its groundbreaking technology in a powerful and versatile diagnostics platform.

We develop accurate, accessible, and affordable molecular diagnostics to be used by anyone, anywhere.

We offer our customers the full power of our molecular diagnostics

platform – ready-to-use tests against validated targets,

as well as in-house development of new tools

against virtually any DNA or RNA target.


We believe that enabling everyone to easily detect and identify infections in the comfort of their own home will transform the patients’ journeys.


We are a diagnostic solution for the future.

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Our diagnostics are used for medical applications.

We take this responsibility seriously and do not compromise on quality.


Synthetic biology is a new and exciting field of science.


The possibilities are endless, but we need a compass to guide our paths of discovery.


We believe that following the best Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices today will make En Carta a sustainable company.

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