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About En Carta

Image by Bill Oxford

We are

a synthetic biology purpose-driven company committed to providing 

accessible, affordable healthcare tools at scale.


We offer

a validated platform technology from lab to market.


We will be

a diagnostic solution for the future.



Our diagnostics are used for medical applications. We do not compromise on quality.


Synthetic biology is a new and exciting field of science. The possibilities are endless but we need a compass to select what we can do.


We believe that following the best Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices today will make En Carta a sustainable company.

Following our second principle - Evidence-based - we follow a simple methodology to ensure that En Carta provides positive outcomes for our stakeholders.

We design or select best-in-class metrics that are linked to positive impact and measure our work against those metrics. We can then act on our products, processes and nudge our partners in the right direction.

Not only do we believe that this approach is better for all our stakeholders, we are also convinced that it reduces risks for En Carta.

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Wilco Graduates

En Carta Diagnostics was selected to be part of the innovation accelerator Wilco for the S2022 biotech and smart pharma cohort.


CDL Graduates

En Carta graduated from the incubator Creative Destruction Lab.

ASU Skysong Innovation Startup Challenge

Our technology convinced the jury who awarded En Carta a $25,000 USD prize

Our partner labs are in the news

En Carta leverages technologies that originated from the best synthetic biology laboratories in the world. You can learn more about them here:

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