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Our Technology

En Carta leverages a wide array of tools from the exciting field of synthetic biology.

At the edge of innovation, we take the science from the lab to make accessible and reliable healthcare tools.


Our sensors are built from RNA or DNA.

They can detect any pathogen's RNA or DNA, down to single-nucleotide precision.

With the cost of "printing" DNA rapidly coming down, our patented technology has a competitive advantage that grows fast.


By freeze-drying our sensors in any porous materials we are able to store and ship accessible diagnostics everywhere.


Cell free systems are a great tool that enable us at En Carta to synthetise quickly and inexpensively a wide array of outputs.

Foundational publications

Field validation of the performance of paper-based tests

2022 - Nature biomedical engineering

Toehold Switches: De-Novo-Designed Regulators of Gene Expression

2014 - Cell

Paper-Based Synthetic Gene Networks

2014 - Cell

Rapid, Low-Cost Detection of Zika Virus Using Programmable Biomolecular Components

2016 - Cell

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